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About us
My 420 friends started in December 2006 as a way for our 420 friends to keep in touch when they leave Amsterdam. Since then the site had taken on about 12k members and was shut down by our host. We were in need of a site overhaul since it was not made to hold more than 20k members. So now we have rebuilt our site to handle whatever we can throw at it. We listened to our members and as of June 2009 we have relocated to sunny Southern California, it is like being home but with better weather. We certainly enjoy the Southern California lifestyle, very close to NL life. Anyway since our move here we have become deeper ingrained in the medical marijuana community and have catered our site to be a profitable one for members which offer goods and services to our member base. We hope you enjoy our new community, be sure to let only your 420 friends know about us. Peace :<>:JACKIE:<>: & ~/**Will**\~
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